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Who We Are & How It Works

About & Subscribe

We are a chapter of 100 Women Who Care Newton County.  100 WWC is a National Alliance of women, just like us, who come together twice a year to grant monies to our area non-profits. We all know that it can sometimes be difficult for the smaller Newton County non-profit entities to raise the funds necessary to do the most good for the most people.  This is where the 100 WWC Newton County Chapter comes in.  Twice a year, we 100 women will get together and vote and award grants to two worthy Newton County non-profit entities.

Here is how it works (in a nutshell):  100 women who are interested and invested in Newton County will meet in the spring and the fall. Each woman will bring $100.00, in cash or by check, to the meeting.  We will have a glass of wine…eat a few snacks…and then vote on the grants. This means 100 women with $100.00 in hand can do more ($10,000.00 more) than any one of us can do alone. The very next day the two highest vote getters will be granted $5,000.00 each!  For our Chapter, there is no checkbook, no charitable designation, no monies collected because every bit of the $10,000.00 will go out the door the next day! Our core group are simply the facilitators of the meetings and the ones who will count the votes.

Oh, and the voting (in a nutshell):


(1)Any of the 100 WWC Newton County Chapter members may nominate an area 501©3 non-profit.  The caveat is that this Chapter member cannot work for this organization, however a member can ask another member to nominate their non-profit entity.


(2) Each entity nominated will be vetted through the IRS to make certain all are in good standing.  If in good standing, the nominees’ name is placed in the hopper.


(3) At our semi-annual meeting, three names are pulled from the hopper and the Chapter member who nominated the entity will then give a very brief speech telling why she nominated this group and what the money might be used for.


(4) After we hear from all three women, we vote! 


(5) The top vote getter will then be granted 70% of the money collected. Second place will be awarded 20% and the third place winner will be awarded 10%.


Everyone will get the same shot at having their nomination chosen.

We are currently gathering our Chapter membership and would really like to include you!  Your one hundred dollars twice a year can make a tremendous difference in Newton County because it is combined with 99 other like-minded women.  Would you care to join?  We would love to have you!

A Note From Sherry

Please Join Us!

People who know me, know this…I am a people person through and through (who loves to talk!).  I have embarrassed both family and friends with my tendency to start up conversations with, well, anyone. In a line at the grocery store, in the dentist’s office, or on a plane.  During a chance encounter, and because of my talkative tendencies, I began a conversation with a woman I met standing in a line and this is when and how I discovered 100 Women Who Care.

The stranger that I met, Kim Tarnopolski is from Phoenix and is the Chief Community Builder for four 100WWC Valley of the Sun Chapters.  Kim is also slated to be the next co-chair of the 100 Women Who Care Alliance and there is no better person to ask to share the information needed to build our Chapter, right here in Newton County.  Just learning about the purpose and the objective of 100WWC Chapters from Kim inspired me to say, “Yes, we need this in Newton County and yes, we can do this in Newton County!”

As I pondered the start of this new and exciting adventure, I shared the idea with friends and they were as excited as I was to get the Chapter started! Our  first meeting was in September of 2018 and was a huge success.

While the concept of our Chapter is simple, the impact of our collective giving will be huge! We know that the funds we can offer as 100 women together can change the support that the charities will offer to those they serve right here in Newton County!  Our money comes from Newton County, stays in Newton County and benefits those in Newton County.

We look forward to welcoming new members in joining our Chapter.  Membership is free, easy and requires just one form. Will you commit to joining our Chapter? Click here to download the Registration Form.


Please open the link to the form, read and print, then scan and send to 100WWCNewton@gmail.comIt is our intention to hold our Chapter meetings in March and September of each year.

Join us, will you? We are excited to offer membership in our Chapter to any and all 100 Women Who Care in Newton County.




Sherry Lowery

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